By the numbers

What is it worth to you for your employees to be unstuck?

Think of a time when you needed an answer and had trouble finding the exact person with the expertise you needed. How long did it take to find that person? How much did it delay your work? Now multiply that by every person in your company.

How does that impact your people? How does that impact your bottom line?

How much are you losing by failing to share knowledge

Annual Productivity Cost

New hire onboarding inefficiency  

Cost of waiting for answers  

(Calculations shown in U.S. dollars. The cost of inadequate knowledge sharing was calculated by combining expected annual productivity losses from inefficient information exchange with inefficient onboarding of new employees. Annual productivity loss was calculated as the product of a firm’s Number of Employees x Average Hourly Wage x Weekly Hours Spent Inefficiently x Weeks per Year. Onboarding inefficiency costs were calculated as the product of Number of Employees x Annual Employee Turnover x Average Hourly Wage x Months to Proficiency in a New Job x Weekly Hours Spent Inefficiently.)

Revenue impact

Total annual productivity lost due to inefficient knowledge sharing

Revenue impact graphic

See how your numbers add up by calculating productivity losses for your own company


People Impact

Your people are frustrated and that hurts everyone


Difficulty graphic

87% of employees report that it’s difficult, very difficult, or nearly impossible to obtain information from their colleagues needed to do their job.


Frustration graphic

81% of employees are frustrated when they cannot access the information they need to properly do their job.

Lost time

Lost time graphic

Employees spend an average of 5.3 hours per week waitng for information. These delays have a major impact on project schedules, 66% will last up to a week and 12% a month or more.