You are the Vice President of Provider Strategy for a health insurance payor in Cleveland. 

You’re working on your Medicare strategy and need to understand the details of Medicare statistical data in the appeals process. 

What data will you need and how do you find the right person to talk to? 

There are 1,242 employees, so usually, when you have tried to connect with the right person in the right department, it has taken days if not weeks. 

To get the insights you need, compare Business as Usual to Business with Radar:

Business as usual (tl;dr)

Weeks if not months.

  1. Activate the network you’ve built over the last four years to find right person to talk to.
    • If no one knows anyone, go to step 2.
    • If they do, go to step 3.
  1. Look in the company directory for the right title in what you think is the right department.
  2. Email, hoping that you get a response in a few days.
  3. If they are the right person, proceed to step 6.

Of course, chances are, they are not the right person, or even in the right department, so if they do get back to you, they’ll have to either pass you on to who they believe you will need, or if they don’t know anyone go to step 5.

  1. Go back to steps 1-3 until you’re successful.

Note: Now over a week has gone by, if not two. The time to complete your research and submit to the committee is getting short (not good).

  1. Success! You’ve found the expert. Find time on their calendar.
  2. Fail! They’re booked 2 weeks out.
  3. Finally, you talk with them and get the answers you need.
  4. Start developing your strategy.

It’s now a fire drill and you’ll be working all night for the next week to get it done.

Result: Nearly a month has gone by and you’re burning the midnight oil in hopes of being able to deliver your findings on time.

Business with Radar

Less than 5 minutes

  1. Type in your question and hit “Submit”.
  2. Connect with your expert in under 5 minutes.
  3. Talk with them and get the answers you need.

Result: Only minutes have gone by and you will be able to deliver your findings on time.

With Radar, you work smarter, faster.

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