We are Human-focused A.I.

The most valuable technology in your company are your people.


Working Faster. Instantly tap into human expertise, anywhere across your company, anywhere in the world.


Working Smarter. Get real-time access to your internal experts, unlocking untapped intelligence in your organization.


Working Together. Employees are empowered to solve problems more effectively, creating customer delight.

Radar knows who knows

We connect employees to internal experts instantly, anywhere in the world.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3

Our advanced A.I. model analyzes the question, matches you with the best expert in your company, and puts you in a chat with them almost instantly.

AI Powered with flames

1. Ask

Type in your question

First step

2. Chat

Have a text or video chat on your phone or desktop in Teams, Slack or email.

First step

3. Solve

Dig in together and solve your question

First step

Because real-world problems don’t get solved with chatbot answers.

Feedback icon

Continuous Feedback Loop

While you’re focused on the conversation, we are continuously and dynamically updating improving the A.I., the architecture, and the understanding of the social network, the true organizational structure of your business.

The skills of your people are continuously being better understood through each conversation, each interaction, each collaboration.

See the invisible

See the invisible

Because Radar is gathering data from each conversation and analyzing relationships between people in your company, we are able to provide real-time visualizations of the real dataflows within your organization so you can see how work really gets done.

Dashboards developed from this data show you insights from the inside out, allowing you to make more informed decisions, faster.

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