Radar knows who knows

Connect employees to internal experts instantly, anywhere in the world.


Work Faster. instantly tap into human expertise more effectively, and deliver value faster.


Work Smarter. Get real-time access to your internal experts, unlocking untapped intelligence in your organization.


Work Together. Employees are happier, solve problems more effectively, and deliver value to customers faster.

How does Radar work?

As simple as 1-2-3

Our advanced A.I. model analyzes your question, matches you with the best expert in your company, and puts you in a chat with them almost instantly.

1. Ask

Type in your question.

2. Chat

Have a text or video chat right in the app.

3. Solve

Dig in together and solve your question.

Radar Beta Partner Logo

Our Beta Partner Progam is now open!

When you are part of the Radar VIP Beta Program you get exclusive
access to our development team to have first-hand input on new feature
development and fixes.

Our VIP Beta partners have direct input into the direction of our product
roadmap. If there is a new feature a beta partner is interested in, we are
all ears.

Who are we looking for?

  • Is your company in healthcare software, legal, or logistics?
  • Is your company over 1000 employees but less than 5000?
Contact us today: beta@radar4.ai