Save time and money

People spend more than 5 hours a week searching and waiting for answers.

With Radar you find someone with the skills you need almost instantly, so you can get your answer and move your work forward, now.


Request icon hours spent waiting

Because real-world problems don’t get solved with chatbot answers.

See the invisible

Radar has a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your company as we find experts, connect people, and gather data from every conversation.

Real-time data visualizations developed from this data show you insights from the inside out, allowing you to make more informed decisions, faster.

Why risk it

It’s not only expensive to hire outside experts, it risks data leaks and breaches of confidentiality.

With Radar you tap into the experts who know your company, products, and services the best – your internal experts.

Remotely close

With remote and hybrid workforces you can no longer just walk down the hall and find an expert. Radar connects you to internal experts whether they’re across the street or across the country.

Fast and free

Our multistep implementation starts with a free proof of concept phase that shows you just how Radar works within your company.

You can stay focused on your work while we build out a working model customized to your organization in a secure environment.